antique shops in lancaster

Antique Shops in Lancaster County

Shopping for antiques is a thrilling pastime. Searching through hundreds of relics of years past to find that new piece for your collection. Looking for interesting mementos. Finding worn pieces of history to refinish and make new.

Regardless of why you love antique shopping, you’ll find plenty of opportunities here in Lancaster County. Regarded as one of the largest concentrations of antiques in the United States, the area boasts plenty of shops, co-ops, and flea markets for you to explore.
Lancaster County – Home of the Antiques Capital
In the northeastern part of Lancaster County lies the small town of Adamstown. Despite its size, Adamstown is considered to be the Antiques Capital of the US due to its massive number of vendors. There are more than 3,000 antique dealers for you to peruse!

We’ve compiled a list of some of the more famous antique shops in Lancaster County.. Whether you are looking for furniture, china, jewelry, timepieces, or something unique, these antique stores have got you covered!

Find out what all of the excitement is about by visiting some of the dealers listed below:


272 Antiques
1300 N Reading Rd
Stevens, PA 17578

A Passage In Time
1707 Lincoln Hwy. East (Route 30)
Lancaster, PA 17602

Adams Antique Annex
2400 N Reading Rd
Denver, PA 17517
717 335-3116

Adamstown Antique Gallery
2000 North Reading Road
Denver, PA 17517

Adamstown Antique Mall
Rt. 272 at Traffic light
Adamstown, PA 19501

Alternative Furnishings
2664 N. Reading Rd
Reinholds, PA 17569

Antique Barn
3027 Old Philadelphia Pike (Rt. 340)
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

Antique Quilt Source
3064 Bricker Road
Manheim, PA 17545
717 492-9876

Antique Showcase & German Trading Post
2152 North Reading Road (Rt. 272)
Denver, PA

Antique Village of Strasburg
227 Hartman Bridge Rd
Ronks, PA 17572
717 687-8802

Antiques & Stuff
23 North Broad Street
Lititz, PA 17543

Bird-in-Hand Antique Market & Old Village Store
2705 Old Philadelphia Pike (Route 340)
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505
Brickerville Antiques
2 E. 28th Division Hwy. (Route 322)
Lititz, PA 17543

Burning Bridge Antique Market
304 Walnut St
Columbia, PA 17512
717 684-7900

Cackleberry Farm Antique Mall
3371 Lincoln Hwy E
Paradise, PA 17562
717 442-8805

Columbia Rivertown Antique Center
125 Bank Ave
Columbia, PA 17512
717 684-8514

Conestoga Auction Company
768 Graystone Rd
Manheim, PA 17545
717 898-7284

Country French Collection
2887 N. Reading Rd
Adamstown, PA 19501



Days Gone By
46 East Main Street
Lititz, PA 17543

Don and Ann’s Antique Roe
2705 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird-in-Hand, PA 17505

General Heath’s Antiques
Located along Rt. 272
Adamstown, PA 19501

Heritage Antique Center
2750 N. Reading Rd Rte 272
Adamstown, PA 19501

Key Antiques
340 Main Street
Denver, PA 17517

Lancaster County Antique Center, LLC
2255 N. Reading Rd Rte 272
Denver, PA 17517

Mad Hatter Antique Mall
61 Willow Street
Adamstown, PA 19501

Moravian House Antiques
122 East Main Street
Lititz, PA 17543
717-475-5570 or 717-474-5584

Morphy Auctions
2000 North Reading Road
Denver, PA 17517

Oley Valley Antiques
2453 N. Reading Rd
Adamstown, PA 19501

Pine Hills Antique Mall
3 Adams Drive
Reinholds, PA 17569

Renninger’s Antiques & Collectibles Market
2500 North Reading Road
Adamstown, PA 19501

Shupp’s Grove Antique Market
607 Willow Street
Reinholds, PA 17569

Stoudt’s Black Angus Antiques Mall
2800 N. Reading Rd (Rt. 272)
Adamstown, PA 19501

Stoudtburg Village & Shops
2800 North Reading Road (Rt 272)
Adamstown, PA 19501

Strasburg Antique Market
207 Georgetown Road
Strasburg, PA 17579

Time Matters Antique Mall
2684 N. Reading Rd. (Rt.272)
Reinholds, PA 17569


If you love “antiquing”, turn it into a weekend adventure! With all the antique shops available in Lancaster County, you can enjoy the relaxing atmosphere of Amishview Inn every night while living out the thrill of the chase during the day!

Father and son at museum

Museums in Lancaster County

Lancaster County is home to many great museums, ranging from historical to child-friendly. Trains, clocks, art, and more await you in Amish country. Try adding some museums from our list below to your own vacation!

Antique Automobile Club of America Museum (AACA)

The AACA showcases dozens of fascinating motor vehicles. It demonstrates the history of cars in an entertaining, and educational, way.. A must see for car enthusiasts.
161 Museum Dr
Hershey, PA 17033

Demuth Museum

This museum is dedicated to the works of American modernist Charles Demuth. It provides a dazzling array of exhibitions and education opportunities. Fans of the visual arts will love this peek into art history.
120 E King St
Lancaster, PA 17602

Ephrata Cloister

One of America’s earliest religious communities, the Ephrata Cloister became known for its printing styles and unique music. Nearly a dozen buildings from the 18th century still remain on site.
632 W Main St
Ephrata, PA 17522

Hands-on House Children’s Museum

The Hands-on House is dedicated to making learning fun for kids ages 2-10 years old. With a philosophy focused on interactivity, children and adults alike will have a blast participating in their classes, exhibits, and programs.

721 Landis Valley Rd
Lancaster, PA 17601

Hans Herr House and Museum

Regarded as the oldest building in Lancaster County, the Hans Herr House is the oldest Mennonite meeting house in America. This colonial-period dwelling epitomizes the medieval Germanic style common of the time.

1849 Hans Herr Dr
Willow Street, PA 17584

Historic Rock Ford Plantation

Showcasing a unique example of architectural integrity, more than 90% of this house is still intact as originally built.Revolutionary War general Edward Hand called this beauty home. History buffs will love seeing the 18th Century elegance that still lives on at Rock Ford Plantation.

881 Rockford Rd
Lancaster, PA 17602

Lancaster Museum of Art

Housed in a Greek Revival style mansion from 1845, this museum displays contemporary art. Its exhibitions focus on both regional and national artists.
135 N Lime St
Lancaster, PA 17602

National Christmas Center

Showing the history of Christmas in an educational and entertaining way, boasts more than 20,000 square feet of holiday cheer. The center is open year round, but if you are planning to go, do so before their doors close at the end of the 2017 season.

3427 Lincoln Highway
Paradise, PA 17562

National Toy Train Museum

A monument to collecting, building, and operating toy trains, the National Toy Train Museum is an exciting attraction for young and old alike. With models going back to the 1800s, and five interactive train layouts, this museum is a fun activity.In fact, it’s often regarded as the best train museum in America.
300 Paradise Ln
Ronks, PA 17572

National Watch & Clock Museum

Recognized as the most comprehensive horological collection in North America, the National Watch and Clock Museum boasts more than 12,000 items. From large standing clocks to small timepieces, their collection houses all things time.

514 Poplar St
Columbia, PA 17512

North Museum of Natural History & Science

For over 60 years, the North Museum of Natural History & Science has been inspiring curiosity in residents and visitors to Lancaster county. For science lovers of all ages, they host exhibits, events, educational programs, and more.

400 College Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603

President James Buchanan’s Wheatland

Visit President James Buchanan’s estate and explore the story of his presidency. The only United States President from Pennsylvania, Buchanan spent much of his private life at Wheatland.

1120 Marietta Ave
Lancaster, PA 17603

Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

This museum is considered world-class when it comes to railroad history. It holds artifacts and locomotives dating back to 1825! In addition to its exhibits, it offers special events, a vast library, and a working restoration shop.

300 Gap Rd
Strasburg, PA 17579

Things to do in Lancaster

3 Things To Do In Lancaster This Fall

Planning a getaway for this Autumn? Look no further than Lancaster County! Let the grace of the fall harvest add a peaceful backdrop to your vacation as you explore all that Amish Country has to offer. Here are some of our favorite things to do during the fall in Lancaster:

Visit Cherry Crest Adventure Farms

Experience the Amazing Maize Maze, interact with farm animals, and participate in a pedal cart race at Cherry Crest Farm. With more than two dozen attractions, this farm has something that will entertain visitors of any age. You can visit the farms now through November.

Long’s Park Arts & Crafts Festival

This annual festival chooses 200 craftspeople and artists to display their work in an outdoor gallery.. With tight requirements for show applicants, the festival only features the best vendors.. Come celebrate its 39th year at Long’s Park September 1st – September 3rd!
Take in the Beautiful Scenery and Local Wine
With harvest in full swing, the vineyards and fields around Lancaster County can be mesmerizing. Consider visiting one of the top vineyards in the area to enjoy some wine while taking in the view.

Visit the Area’s Farmers Markets and Local Baked Goods

Experience the local produce and baked goods of Lancaster County at one of its many markets. Green Dragon in Ephrata is open on Fridays, Roots Market in Manheim on Tuesdays, and the Central Market Mall on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you are looking to take home some of your favorite foods, you can purchase baked goods at Miller’s Gift & Bake Shop.

Come Back Again

If you’re looking for more things to do with your family in Lancaster County, check out some of our favorites. With so many things to experience, it’s hard to fit it all in one trip. But don’t worry, you can always come back! Amishview Inn will be here to provide you with one of the most serene hotel experiences in Amish Country.

What in the World is a Ferhoodle?

As a staple of our breakfast buffets, we’re often asked what our “Ferhoodle” is.  Here’s a handy infographic to explain!

What is a Ferhoodle?

From the infographic:

“Derived from the Pennsylvania German (Dutch) dialect used to describe something that is confused or “mixed up”.

At Amishview Inn it’s a delicious part of an extensive hot and fresh breakfast buffet served each morning to our guests!

The Amishview Inn Ferhoodle takes scrambled eggs, potatoes, baked ham, bell peppers, and onions …and then they Ferhoodle them!”

Make Our Tradition Yours

There you have it! Many visitors know Lancaster County for its homemade dutch foods. The fun thing about Ferhoodle is that there is more than just one way to make it. Each family has their own spin on this dish, some substituting in sausage, rice, or other family favorites. You can add almost anything to make your family’s very own version.

Enjoy our Ferhoodle at Amishview Inn, and then take the tradition home to your family to enjoy!

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Amish buggy

Frequently Asked Questions About the Amish Community

For people residing outside of Lancaster County, the Amish can seem like a mystery. Why do they reject the use of some modern technology? What do they believe? Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions with brief answers. It is impossible to summarize any culture in such a short text, but we’d like to give you some basics.

When did the Amish begin?

They trace their roots back to Switzerland in 1525 during the Anabaptist movement. The emphasis for Anabaptists at the time was voluntary adult baptism – as well as a church that the state did not control. The Amish remained a part of this movement until 1693 when they formed their own group under the leadership of Jakob Ammann.

What language do the Amish speak?

A majority of the Amish speak the Pennsylvania German dialect that is commonly referred to as Pennsylvania Dutch. A few communities favor a Swiss dialect. For most in the community, English is learned during school and is their second language.

Where do the Amish live?

Currently, there are communities in as many as 31 states and several Canadian provinces. The vast majority,roughly 63%, reside in the states of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana. In total, about 2,260 local congregations exist – called church districts. Each of these districts typically includes between 20 and 40 families. Pennsylvania has both the largest and the oldest population of Amish in the United States.

How many Amish are there?

In North America, there are estimated to be about 308,000 adults and children. Since children make up more than half of most communities, it is likely that there is about 138,000 baptized adult church members.

Are there different kinds of Amish?

Yes. When referring to “the” Amish, most people are actually referring to many different affiliations, each with its own distinct culture. Dress styles, technology restrictions, occupations, and more all rely heavily upon individual Amish groups.

If you would like to learn more about the Amish, take part in one of the many experiences offered by AmishView Inn. This includes our Visit In Person Tour where you can interact with the Amish culture first hand!

Couples Getaway Lancaster County

Fun-Filled Couples Getaway

Life can get crazy, making it hard to plan an engaging vacation. Follow our trip outline to help you and your significant other maximize your vacation! Forget about work and responsibilities while you take in the stunning Lancaster County scenery and all that it has to offer.

Morning Relaxation and Excitement

Start your day off by getting an aerial view of Lancaster from a hot air balloon! The United States Hot Air Balloon Team in nearby Bird-in-Hand offers private and shared rides that will take you on a tour of the countryside. This exciting experience is for early birds only though, with most rides starting at 6:00 AM and lasting for about an hour.

With the thrilling part of your day behind you, take some time to relax. A couple’s package from one of the area’s many spas will give you a quiet moment to reconnect.

Great Food and a Countryside Tour in the Afternoon

Next up, stop at Miller’s Smorgasbord to experience one of the best buffets in Lancaster. Treat yourself to great local foods and desserts. Miller’s cooks many of their heritage dishes from scratch, giving a fresh take on PA Dutch favorites. They also have a variety of other foods available in their all-you-can-eat buffet, with a la carte beer, wines, and spirits.

Afterwards, take a ride through the local Amish towns and villages at Aaron and Jessica’s Amish Buggy Rides. Take the time to learn about the Amish culture, stop by a roadside stand, and tour the peaceful countryside.

BBQ, Drinks, and a Quiet Night In

Finish out your adventures for the day with slow smoked barbecue and locally-made craft beer at Smokehouse BBQ and Brews.

Afterwards, retire to the beautiful rooms of Amishview Inn and their tranquil views of the Amish farmland. To get even more out of your stay, make sure to reserve a room in the “Adults Only” wing and upgrade your package to include in-room wine, truffles, and a movie.

Family on bikes

9 Things for Families to Do in Lancaster

If you are visiting Lancaster, or are lucky enough to live here, fill your time by exploring the exciting offerings in the area. Not sure where to start? Here are some of our favorite things to do in the early months of Autumn.

Experience Lancaster’s Natural Beauty

Looking to take in the area’s beautiful wildlife while avoiding the summer heat? Check out some of Lancaster’s best biking and hiking trails. If you have young ones, drive through the countryside and take it all in.

First Friday for Art and Shopping

Experience the excitement and creativity of Lancaster City on First Friday. The first friday of each month, stores, galleries, and boutiques hold extended hours and special events. Live music, a variety of shopping, and a dynamic atmosphere welcome you as you walk through downtown Lancaster.

Full Steam Ahead

Fans of trains and tranquil countrysides should make sure to get tickets for the Strasburg Rail Road. In September, you can take part in Day Out With Thomas, a special event featuring Thomas the Tank Engine.

Get Your Fill of Lancaster Foods

Can’t get enough of the local cuisine? Eat your fill of local, from-scratch foods at Miller’s Smorgasbord. If you are in the mood for smoked BBQ or a PA Dutch platter, stop by Smokehouse BBQ and Brews.

Find Your Own Treasure

Collectors, refurbishers, and general explorers will love Lancaster County’s variety of eclectic antique shops.

Take the Kids to the Castle

For kids that want excitement, Dutch Wonderland Amusement Park offers rides for the whole family. It’s open most weekends in September and October, and hosts special events around Halloween.

Attend Broadway-level Performances

If you are more interested in thespian entertainment, Lancaster County has quite a few high-caliber theaters and shows. American Music Theater regular puts on a variety of shows of all musical styles.

Have Fun While Learning

Satisfy your child’s “educational trip” requirement at school by visiting one of the area’s kid-friendly museums.

Shop Local Goods

Can’t bear to leave Lancaster County? Take some baked goods and local wares home with you from Central Market. America’s oldest farmers market boasts a wide variety of local meats, cheeses, and more so that you can experience a taste of Lancaster wherever you are. If you want to take home some PA Dutch favorites, pick up some baked goods at Miller’s Gift & Bake Shop.

Don’t worry if you can’t fit all of the activities in one trip, you will always be welcome back! For more ideas on things to do, check out our list of attractions near Amishview Inn.

Ferris Wheel at a Fair

Lancaster County Fairs and Festivals in September

Autumn is here, and in Lancaster County that means fairs! Almost every town in the area runs their own fair during the fall. To help you plan your trip to Amish Country, here are some of our favorite events.

Annual Latin American Cultural Festival

This year marks the 5th anniversary of this lively event held in Downtown Lancaster. Come experience the culture, art, customs, and cuisine of Latin American countries. The Binn’s Park stage will be host to live music as well as folk dances. Vendors and food trucks from throughout the area will also be in attendance, so make sure to come hungry! This year the celebration will take place from 2:00 to 9:00 PM on September 29th. Admission is free for all in attendance.

Annual Cloktoberfest at the National Watch and Clock Museum

Held this year on September 30th, the 3rd Annual Cloktoberfest will host a variety of fall and clock-themed events. Typically included in the activities are a steampunk fashion show, vendors, workshops, behind-the-scenes museum tours, and even watch evaluations. And of course it wouldn’t be a true Oktoberfest event without plenty of beer on hand. Admission to this event is free, and runs from 9 AM to 3 PM.

Community FairsExample of Lancaster County Fairs

Throughout September and the rest of autumn, communities across  Lancaster county hold their annual fairs. Contests, rides, parades, food, and agricultural exhibits are just a few of the attractions available to fair-goers. The specifics of each fair vary from town to town, with some boasting live music and competitions in addition to the more traditional events.

If you like dunk tanks and funnel cake, take a look at this listing of fairs that are held in Lancaster County for more details!

Lancaster County may be tranquil, but it sure isn’t boring. If you attend one of these events and have a blast, remember to come back next year!

Mud sales

Mud Sales: It’s Dirty Fun, But Someone’s Gotta Have It

Mud sales Mud sales are a fun and almost legendary event that historically has been organized by the Amish community to support the local fire company. These mud sales often include great food and great deals on furniture, crafts, livestock, and machinery. The origin of the term, “mud sale,” comes from the fact that these auctions are done in early spring when the ground is beginning to thaw. Though it may turn into a slippery situation, it is a still a lot of fun and well worth the tripping hazards.

Mud sales are usually done from the month of March until August, partially because it is when people can come out and enjoy the weather and reunite with neighbors and friends. Since they originated, however, mud sales have become popular all-year-round and that makes them even more varied and convenient for those that live in Amish country or those that are visiting. Most mud sales begin at 8:30 a.m. and continue throughout the day with food and fun activities. They’re a great place to bring your family or go looking for wonderful furniture pieces for your new home! You may even find an amazing quilt for Mom!

While everything Amish from livestock to quilts are sold at mud sales you can also find farm equipment, machinery and smaller crafts and home goods as well. Though many people come to mud sales for larger pieces, there are plenty of smaller items that can make wonderful gifts for those at home or souvenirs for your home. Smaller pieces such as handmade home goods and baked goods are created and sold without an auction or the need to hurry and pay. This way you can take a smaller item with you without having to get out the checkbook or rent a U-Haul.

What may be the most fun part about mud sales is that there is plenty of local food to try and a diverse variety of things to see. Unlike most places in Lancaster County it is likely the Amish will outnumber you two to one at a mud sale. This is a wonderful opportunity to truly see their culture and listen to their language. While you’re there you can also indulge on all foods “Dutchified.” While you will definitely find your whoopie pies and soft pretzels, there are even more options for you to choose from! So go ahead and give our chicken and dumplings or Chow Chow a try! We’re sure you’ll love it!

closeup of the garden at AmishView Inn & Suites

Welcome to My Garden

And what a garden it is. While enjoying your stay here at Amish View Inn & Suites, we hope you take the time to stroll around the grounds and enjoy the many views of Amish Country. Get up close and personal in our vegetable garden, located adjacent to our on-premise restaurant. And yes, the Plain & Fancy Restaurant cooks use these vegetables in their homemade recipes.

The garden features two varieties of tomatoes. From the Super Steak or Beef Steak to its much smaller cousin Roma, you’re sure to find the tomato just right for you.

For those who like to kick it up a notch we offer three kinds of peppers. The Cubanell or banana pepper are a mix of mild and sweet. The name says it all for the Hot Cherry peppers. Big Bertha is the mother of the sweet pepper family and is great served in salads.

Speaking of salads we’re currently growing two varieties of lettuce in our garden. Green Ice, a common green lettuce with ruffled leaves, and Vulcan lettuce. This lettuce has large leaves that are red in color with a green background. Gold Rush is the name of our summer squash. This squash is an All-America Award Winner.

Moving on to potatoes, Norland potatoes, or more commonly known as baby reds, are red skinned potatoes commonly boiled and eaten with the skin left on. Our Pontiac potatoes are great for baking, roasting, or boiling. They are a heartier potato and their skins are generally peeled. For dessert or a healthy snack try a strawberry.

We grow Seascape strawberries that produce fruit twice a year in spring and fall. These can be washed and eaten as is. Before or after your meal we hope you enjoy your stroll through our garden and maybe picked up a little information you may not have known before. In the words of Julia Child, ‘Bon Appetite’!