AmishView Inn & Suites is part of the Thomas E. Strauss, Inc., hospitality group.

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Our intention within all business units at Thomas E. Strauss, Inc., is to foster a culture of mutual respect. We recognize respect isn’t easily defined and may mean something different to each of us. We view respect as how we relate to others in ways that demonstrate their priorities are important. We must be intentional in creating a culture of respect, and while we will make mistakes, this is how we learn and grow…together.

We commit ourselves to reflecting the following beliefs in our daily interactions. They will help each of us get better at demonstrating and fostering mutual respect.

  • Everything we do, say, and provide to others makes a statement about our regard for them.
  • Demonstrating concern and support for individual differences sets the stage for communicating our respect for others.

We strive to demonstrate mutual respect in our mission and values. By living these core tenets, we will all grow together.

Our Mission

Make people feel valued.

What We Value

  • Diversity – Welcome all coworkers and guests regardless of real or perceived differences.
  • Integrity – Strive to do the right thing, even when it isn’t easy!
  • Excellence – Provide exceptional service to guests and coworkers, focusing on building relationships.
  • Accountability – Put action to words.
  • Community – Engage and support our community.
  • Fun – Let’s enjoy the journey together.