Lancaster Amish Community

You’ll pass by numerous buggies and farmlands while staying at our Lancaster hotel in Pennsylvania Dutch Country. The Amish community takes a slower approach to life, which will give you a new found appreciation for quality time. While in Amish country, you’ll notice the variety of handcrafted one-of-a-kind items while shopping in Lancaster, PA. There’s an abundance of Amish owned stores where you can pick up handmade quilts, furniture, baked goods, and more! Once you bake a pie with freshly-farmed Amish ingredients, you’ll never look at baking the same again! The beautiful side of the Amish community is that they cater to faith, family, and farming, which is fascinating to the modernized world today, and will leave you with a better understanding of the important things in life!

caravan of amish buggies going down a Lancaster, PA road