Ensuring Guest Accessibility

At AmishView Inn & Suites, we are committed to providing a welcoming and inclusive experience for all of our guests. We understand the importance of accessibility and strive to make our facilities and services accessible. Our goal is to ensure that every guest enjoys a comfortable and memorable stay with us.

We offer a range of accessible accommodations designed to meet the diverse needs of our guests. 

Accessible Accommodations

Our ADA accessible rooms feature:

  • ADA-compliant doorways 
  • Wheelchair-accessible bathrooms with roll-in showers and grab bars for toilet and shower
  • Hand-held shower head
  • Visual and audible fire alarms
  • Lower peep holes

Additionally, we can provide for your room:

  • Bed shaker for alarm
  • Door knocker strobe that flashes when someone knocks on the door
  • A telephone ring indicator

We offer many different room types for our guests looking for ADA rooms.

Whirlpool at AmishView Inn & Suites

Our pool and whirlpool feature chairlifts to help our guests that need support getting into and out of the water.

Great Room at AmishView where breakfast is served.

Great Room at AmishView where breakfast is served.

Public Areas

Our commitment to accessibility extends beyond guestrooms to our public areas. AmishView Inn & Suites is designed to be fully accessible, with features such as:

  • On-level building entrance with automatic doors
  • Elevators for easy access to all levels
  • ADA-compliant signage for clear wayfinding 
  • Chair lift for pool and spa
  • Accessible seating in common areas

Our staff ready to assist guests to ensure an enjoyable experience throughout their stay.

Dining Options:

Our dining facilities are accessible to all guests, with:

  • Wheelchair-accessible seating area
  • Menu options for various dietary restrictions
  • Staff trained to accommodate special requests

If you have specific dietary needs, please let our dining staff know, and they will be happy to assist you.


Accessible parking spaces are available close to the entrance for guests with mobility challenges. Please notify our staff in advance if you require any additional assistance.

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Please inform our reservation team of any specific accessibility requirements when booking your stay, so we can ensure your needs are met. If you booked online, please give us a call so we can ensure availability any devices that may be required during your stay.

If you have any questions or specific requests regarding accessibility during your stay, please don’t hesitate to contact our front desk. We are here to ensure your visit to AmishView Inn & Suites is as comfortable and enjoyable as possible.