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$3 Off Magic Lantern Show

Go back in time! Not a magic show, but a magical entertainment experience before there were movies. An authentic 1890's lantern projects stunning images, accompanied by a live performer, music and Victorian "special effects." It's the only permanent magic lantern theater in the world, right here at Plain & Fancy! Don't miss our Patriotic show in the summer, and the Christmas show for the holidays. Present coupon at time of purchase. Expires 12/31/17. Code: PMML
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Magic Lantern Shows

The Amish Experience, in cooperation with The American Magic-Lantern Theater (AMLT), is pleased to announce our newest production, Magic Lantern Shows at Plain & Fancy Theater, still also home to the critically acclaimed multi-media production of “Jacob’s Choice.”
Magic Lantern Show
Travel back over 100 years to a time “before the movies,” when the spellbinding drama and humor of the Showman and the spectacular projected images from his “Magic Lantern Show” dazzled audiences across America.

The stunning brass triple-lantern, glorious hand-painted illustrations, a giant screen, the Showman’s legendary story-telling skills, rousing music and sing-alongs, dazzling 19th century “special effects” — all combine to create this unique entertainment of the Victorian age, presented by the Amish Experience in collaboration with The American Magic-Lantern Theater at Plain & Fancy Farm, Bird-in-Hand, PA.

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Magic Lantern Shows