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$3 Off “Jacob’s Choice” at the Amish Experience Theater

Feel what it means to be Amish. In a magical story-telling setting, as you become part of the emotional struggle of the Fisher family to preserve more than 400 years of Amish traditions and values. Five viewing screens, 3-D set and special effects fully immerse you in this unforgettable journey that touches each of us. Shows 7 days a week every hour including 5pm. Children under 4 free. Valid for up to 6 adults. Present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with other offers or combination tickets. Expires 2/19/18. Code: PMAE
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Amish Experience Theater

The Amish Experience
“Jacob’s Choice” is an entertaining and educational way to understand and learn about the Amish. Our one-of-a-kind Experience Theater takes you into the lives of the Amish and re-creates dramatic scenes through special effects. “Jacob’s Choice” is a must-see experience for every visitor who wants to discover what it means to be Amish.

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