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$2 Off Amish Country Homestead and Schoolroom

Visit the only officially designated “Heritage Site” Amish house. As you walk through the nine rooms with your guide, unravel the riddle of Amish clothing, life without electricity, and eight-grades-in-a-room education as you sit at authentic Amish school desks. Valid for up to 6 adults. Present coupon at time of purchase. Not valid with other offers or combination tickets. Expires 2/19/18. Code: PMHO
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Amish Homestead
& One-Room School

Explore the Amish Country Homestead’s nine-room Amish house and one-room school.  Your guide explains Amish customs, dress, and adapting to life without electricity. It’s the county’s only designated “Heritage Site” Amish house tour. Join us as we unravel the “riddles” of Amish Culture.

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